A variety of ways to earn money and maximize your revenue with the Affiliates Paid Program!

The Affiliates Paid Program is a way in which you can earn money by referring users to any of the Affiliates Paid sites. Each site offers its own payment options such as membership, pay per view, live cam, on demand videos, photo lease gallery sales, pre-roll and image and text ads in videos and much more.

Each site can be individually promoted and webmasters can optimize their earnings by using our promo tools and also by promoting various sites at once.

There are three main payment programs in Affiliates Paid offered for the promotion of our sites and the Webmaster Referral Program:

* Pay per member signup which pays you a flat fee for every user you refer that becomes a paying member of any of our sites.
* The Revenue-Sharing Program which pays our affiliates a commission of your referred users LIFETIME of any sales from that user.
* The Webmaster Referral Program which pays affiliates for each sign-up sent by a webmaster by you referred to Affiliates Paid.

Payment Options: (All our payouts are for LIFETIME of that user!)

* Rev-Share – 40% commission on all sales! Membership, Pay Per View, Pay Per Download, Live Cams, etc. For Lifetime of that user!
* Pay Per signup – $20 per signup on all sales for the life of that user!


How can you select the best payment program?

Selecting a Payment Program option is part of the process of adding a promotional tool to your site. Click on Tools section in the top of this site and download either one of our banners or some photo or video content to promote any of our sites.

How do you check your earnings?

Our affiliate program works with Epoch. A trusted affiliate and payment solution provider for over 15 years. You simply create an account with to our Epoch Stats program and are able to check your stats in real time as well as inquire about payouts.